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Chin and jawline liposuction

$3,900 - $5,100
Varies by area, number of areas and time required.

Prices include surgeon, OR and anesthesia fee. Subject to change. Provided as an estimate and may be higher or lower depending on complexity.


Chin and jawline liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from either just the area under the central chin (the "submental" area), or extending into the jawline areas as well for improved contour and less of a double chin appearance. It can also help define the jawline shadow.


Chin and jawline liposuction is done either under sedation or general anesthesia in an ambulatory surgery center. During surgery, a single 3-4mm hole is made in the area under the chin, and through this fluid containing an anesthetizing agent and epinephrine (to shrink blood vessels and lead to less bleeding) is injected into the tissues. Metal rods of various lengths and thicknesses called cannulas are then used to remove fat and sculpt the targeted areas. A special cannula is used at the end of the case to smooth out all the liposuctioned areas to try and avoid any dents or divots. All incision sites are closed with dissolvable sutures, tape or glue. The procedure takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.


After surgery, the patient may choose to wear a chin compression garment for 1-2 weeks, but this is not absolutely necessary. Pain is mild to moderate for most patients, and most are up and doing normal activities the day after surgery. Showering can be resumed the day after surgery, and patients can go back to work in as little as 3-5 days post operatively. Final results are not visible until at least 3 months after surgery because swelling can come and go and there may be some hardened areas of scar tissue that will take several months to resolve. Massage of the hardened areas is encouraged several times per day as early as it is tolerated as this can help the scar tissue soften faster. A massage roller is often helpful for this task.

It is true that fat cells are gone forever after liposuction and don't "grow back," however if you gain weight after liposuction, the fat cells that are still in your body can grow larger.

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