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Mommy makeover

Cost varies by procedures performed and complexity of procedures (please see individual procedure pages for cost estimate). Estimates based on technique, time and anesthesia required.


A mommy makeover refers to the combination of breast and body procedures done to improve a patient's body after having kids or losing weight. The term usually describes a combined procedure that involves a breast procedure (lift, reduction, augmentation, fat transfer) as well as a body procedure (tummy tuck, liposuction) and sometimes other procedures such as labiaplasty. 


The complexity of the procedure depends on which combination of breast and body procedures a patient and their surgeon decide on. In general the surgery takes anywhere from 2-4 hours and is done on an outpatient basis. 


Recovery from a mommy makeover depends on which procedures are done. For most procedures, a 4-6 week recovery is normal. Recovery from a tummy tuck is moderately difficult because so much of everyday activity involves using the core muscles. More specific recovery details will be provided for patients depending on the procedures they undergo, but a good general guide is written in each of the various procedure pages here.

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