Pricing and Policies​

Price ranges for individual procedures are listed on the pages for each specific procedure. They are subject to change, and prices will vary for each patient depending on the degree of complexity of each surgery. Price quotes are good for 1 year from the time they are issued unless you choose to add or remove the number of procedures you are doing.


When it comes to payment for a cosmetic procedure, we have a policy of payment in full within 2 weeks of surgery. Forms of payment we accept are CareCredit, credit cards, personal and cashiers checks, and cash.

We do not do payment plans through Kayan Plastic Surgery, however we do participate in CareCredit, and you may visit their website to learn more about how to apply to finance your surgery. 

As with any surgery, no results are guaranteed, and payments for surgeries after they are performed are non-refundable. 

* If you are pursuing your surgery through insurance, be sure you know your plan specifications ahead of time by calling your insurance company. Insurance visits and surgeries may be subject to a deductible prior to coverage and each plan differs. It is highly recommended to call your insurance company prior to any surgery so you know what portion you be responsible for.