Breast Implant Removal and Replacement



$5700 saline implants

$6000-$7200 silicone implants (certain implants like "gummy bear" implants are more expensive)

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The FDA states that the lifespan of a breast implant, whether saline or silicone, is 10-15 years, so most breast augmentation patients will likely undergo another procedure at some point in their lives to either remove or replace their breast implants. This is necessary in the case of a deflation of a saline implant, or known rupture or >10-15 year old silicone implant. Easy during this procedure to resize larger or smaller as well. 

The Procedure

Implant removal and replacement surgery is done under general anesthesia at an outpatient surgery center. Surgery typically takes under an hour. An incision is made usually in your old scar, and both the old implant is removed through here and the new one placed. The capsule or scar tissue around the old implant is already established, but sometimes if you are going larger to want to change how the new implant sits, some of the scar tissue is opened up or closed off. If you have rupture of a silicone implant or have capsular contracture, sometimes the capsule or parts of it are removed as well. A new implant is placed, and your incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures and you are wrapped in an ACE wrap and padding. Drains are usually not needed for this surgery, even if capsule removal is performed. 


The pocket for the implants is already established so majority of patients find this less painful than their initial procedure.  Avoid overhead reaching for 1 week and no lifting more than 5 lbs or high end exercise for 4-6 weeks. Patients usually wear a sports bra 24/7 during this recovery period, and may go back to wearing underwire bras at 6 weeks after surgery. If larger implants are placed, it may take at least 3-6 months after surgery to see final results, as implants often will take some time to settle down as the skin stretches.