Breast Procedures

Breast Reduction >>

A breast reduction is a great option for those with large, heavy breasts who also have skin irritation, back pain and trouble exercising due to having large breasts. Read more...

Breast Augmentation >>

Those who are looking for larger, fuller and more lifted breasts are good candidates for breast augmentation. Read more...

Top Surgery >>

Top surgery is for transgender patients who wish to have a more masculine chest and/or have not seen sufficient results with hormone therapy alone. Read more...

Gender Affirming Breast Augmentation >>

MTF transgender patients who have plateaued in their breast development following hormone therapy are good candidates for breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer. Read more...

Implant Replacement >>

The FDA recommends that breast implants are replaced every 10-15 years, whether silicone or saline. Patients can easily opt for smaller or larger implants at the time of implant exchange.  Read more...

Implant Removal/Explant >>

There are several reasons a patient may want to remove their implants.  It can be as simple as a lifestyle or preference change or the patient can be suffering from various symptoms related to implants.   Read more...

Breast Lift >>

A breast lift is perfect for someone who is happy with their breast size but has some excess skin. Read more...

Breast Lift with Implants >>

A breast lift with implants is indicated when a patient both wants to go larger and wants or needs to remove some extra skin from the breast.


Fat Grafting >>

Fat grafting is an option for someone who wants a modest increase in breast size without using implants. Read more...

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